Ayurveda tips for teeth care and oral hygiene

How important is dental health for you? Many people tend to ignore the importance of oral hygiene. Maintaining a set of healthy teeth is not just a matter of increasing beauty. Often, people spent a good amount of their fortune on dental procedures, only to enhance appearance. But, it’s essential to know the link between dental health and the well-being of the body. According to research, poor oral hygiene can lead to serious health issues, including heart diseases.


It’s equally important to be aware that brushing your teeth alone might not resolve all dental problems. In recent years, science has proven the benefits of Ayurvedic treatments for maintaining healthy teeth and preventing tooth infection problems. Here are some Ayurvedic oral hygiene tips that might help you in the long-run.


Oil Pulling Therapy

Oil pulling is one of the most acclaimed ways to maintain oral hygiene. In simple words, oil pulling Ayurveda treatment involves swishing medicinal oils in the mouth. This Ayurvedic dental procedure is widely appreciated for its power in killing harmful bacteria and preventing cavities. Now, which is the best oil for oil pulling? Let’s find out!

  • Sesame oil has been used for oil pulling purposes since antiquity.
  • Coconut oil is preferred by many for its power to prevent and treat gingivitis and other mouth disorders.
  • Sunflower oil is widely used for this purpose.


Chewing on Neem Barks

Neem has been popularly associated with oral care for a long time. Neem barks have anti-bacterial properties that can prevent tooth infection, periodontal abscess, and other oral disorders. Brushing with a neem twig releases a tiny amount of neem oil into the mouth, and this oil decreases germ growth. In addition to all these, chewing on neem barks helps treat swollen gums, fight infections, make teeth whiter, and maintain oral alkaline levels.


Amla, the Indian Gooseberry

Amla is extensively used for its oral health benefits. The Indian gooseberry can be used both in fresh and dry forms for maintaining teeth health. You can consume a fresh amla or use dried amla powder to rinse your mouth. Amla contains a good amount of the vital Vitamin C, among many other nutrients that are perfect for maintaining oral health. Rinsing your mouth with dried amla powder and lukewarm water will strengthen the gums, eliminate bacteria, and prevent cavities.


Massage the gums with salt and mustard oil

Mustard oil and salt have been used for teeth health since ancient times. This combination of mustard oil and salt helps to keep your teeth clean and free of germs. In addition to that scrubbing, a mix of these two ingredients helps in teeth whitening. Use your forefinger or thumb to gently massage your teeth and gums with a tablespoon of mustard oil mixed with a pinch of salt.


Use an Ayurvedic Toothpaste

Most Ayurvedic tooth pastes contain vital ingredients such as cloves, neem, amla and other herbs. Replacing your regular toothpaste with a natural Ayurvedic one can solve a lot of oral problems. Ayurvedic toothpaste also helps in maintaining oral health and preventing dental diseases.


Studies have shown and proven the significance of oral health and it is huge. Poor dental hygiene can cause teeth and gum diseases, leading to serious health issues of the body. In addition to using these tips for oral healthcare, it’s crucial to avoid certain toxic habits that destroy the teeth and mouth. Avoid smoking, chewing tobacco, and paan as these can lead to oral health problems, including cancer. Apart from using these highly beneficial natural Ayurvedic medicines, proper oral healthcare also includes avoiding toxic habits and addictions. Visit our website www.ayurvalley.com to know more about our services and holistic Ayurvedic treatments and healthcare.



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